It’s not a goodbye it’s see you later!

imageAs I sit and write this, and put words into order, I feel blessed. As my first year at college is coming close to the end its time not to say goodbye but to say see you later college.What a year it has been. Packing away everyone that I once brought up nine months ago,wow where did the time go? It’s mad to think that new friends are made and the results I have achieved. As I pack away the last bit of clothing, as I cook one last dish, as I pull over the bed sheets for one last time and shut the door on my way out, it’s  an adventure and something I won’t forget. 1st year may be over but the journey still exist.

New look!


Okay guys and dolls so basically for the next few days I am changing the layout of my blog. A new design will be issued. I haven’t changed my blog since I first started it over Two years ago so it’s time to change things about.

Dont worry I will still have my fashion posts! Although I will be introducing a ‘Steal her style ego’, ‘Five words to shop for’ and ‘Makeup blog of the week’. I am looking forward to expanding my wings with this blog. So stay tuned for more!

Nail art idea. P.S it’s perfect for a hoilday!

So since it’s Summer time and people are coming and going on holidays why not treat yourself to a new set of nails. 

I am forever looking up nail art only to envy people who are talented at this business. 

I literally fall in love with nail art and designs ( what’s not to love sure.) I always treat myself to getting the nails done for holidays and I am certainly looking forward to getting them done for Creamfields next month.

Hit the trend-Embroidered 

Happy Saturday All!!

So as the weekend approaches ( I know on a Saturday Night and I’m staying in- but I did go out during the week so I can’t have the money for everything!) here is another trend you shop be hitting this week:embroidered!!

From jeans to tops this look is going nowhere. A few of my favourite pieces are in this post because they are so simple and easy to wear again.

This is a great summer time look for BBQ’s, beach holidays or a catch up with friends.

So do you dare to try the trend? And nope this is not an ad for any clothing site! It is simple making sure everyone is slaying these days! article- Sea Sessions article 

Happy Sunday!

As some of you know and maybe some of you don’t know but I am a contributor editor to the student site and the College Life editor. I recently attended Ireland’s Surf Music Festsival ‘Sea Sessions’ and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

The music is a mix of pop and rock bands and solo artists. There is loads of choice music wise. In the article I describe the setting and atmosphere of the place and the artists that played on that weekend.

Honestly it was one of the way festvials ever experienced. More details are in the article itself and the link will be posted below.

Hit the trend- Florals 

Like every Summer it’s all about florals. Patterns and flowers are a look to rock this Summer.

The Bardot dress and top is also a trend to look out for as well. The simple style is very easy to pull off.

Jumpsuits! Even I know there a pain at times but they are so handy!! Their like a girls go to look for any occasion.

Florals aren’t so much a autumn thing they are mostly woren in Spring and Summer time.

Monthly Motivation

As per usually I was browsing the internet, then I came across this meaningful post and it hit me hard. As people we are so use to having all our friends there for us all the time and living in the moment, until then friends drift apart or move away and somehow connection is no longer there even with the amount of technology out there.

I’m one for living in the moment and taking every day as it comes, and this quote is something to say just that.

Take photos, take LOADS of photos, make memories, stay up late do whatever  you have to do with the people who are in your life right now.

My best friends are literally my back bone. One of my best friends has been around for 15 years, and another one I meet through work and it’s sad to think that someday we mighten be in contact.  I tell myself and anyone to take  very opportunity and have no regret!!

Festival Checklist 

So if your heading to a festival whether it’s Tomorrowland, Creamfields, EP etc here is the ultimate checklist.

From camping to the upmost important stuff (aka the baby wipes are a must have!!) here is the checklist for anyone heading to a festival.

This picture is from Pinterest and I thought it would be so useful to anyone heading to a festival.

Glow sticks and lights can be really cool in your tent at night and for the banter too.

Money and bank cards are also something well needed as you can never actually buget how much money you need for the weekend.

Off course another thing to have is FUN!! Festivals are something you won’t be able to do all the time. When your 90 looking back at the memories your going to laugh and realise this festvial experience was the best yet.

Festival shorts!

Happy Friday!!!

So while festival season is well and truly underway here is some top pics of the shorts you should be rocking.

This season is seeing a lot of patterns and longer shorts. The denim look is still okay to wear so don’t worry that trend never goes out of style.

All pics are of Miss Guided ( hahahaha shock it’s one of my favourite clothes place ever!). Last weekend while at Ireland Surf Music Festvial ‘Sea Sessions’, shorts came in super handy! A plain black pair of shorts are always handy.


Also I will be doing a load down on all the Hoilday and festival clothes as well so stay tuned to that. This is what I think are the shorts of the moment.
All shorts available at