It’s not a goodbye it’s see you later!

imageAs I sit and write this, and put words into order, I feel blessed. As my first year at college is coming close to the end its time not to say goodbye but to say see you later college.What a year it has been. Packing away everyone that I once brought up nine months ago,wow where did the time go? It’s mad to think that new friends are made and the results I have achieved. As I pack away the last bit of clothing, as I cook one last dish, as I pull over the bed sheets for one last time and shut the door on my way out, it’s  an adventure and something I won’t forget. 1st year may be over but the journey still exist.

New look!


Okay guys and dolls so basically for the next few days I am changing the layout of my blog. A new design will be issued. I haven’t changed my blog since I first started it over Two years ago so it’s time to change things about.

Dont worry I will still have my fashion posts! Although I will be introducing a ‘Steal her style ego’, ‘Five words to shop for’ and ‘Makeup blog of the week’. I am looking forward to expanding my wings with this blog. So stay tuned for more!

Monthly Motivation 

Happy Friday All,

Okay so I’m sure most people out there tell themselves ‘there is always a next time’, ‘later’, ‘I don’t want to do this’ attitude but really in life we don’t get second chances, we don’t get opportunities flying out away everyday.

We just end up with memories. So maybe on that Friday evening when your chilling with your Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream and your friends text you to go out just do it because memories are the only thing standing to you.

We live in a society where we overlook on things but we need to just live in the moment.

Dress to impress the gang.

Casual night with the girls? Weekend away with himself or the squad? Nothing to wear though…strew limits reaching an all time high so what do you do? Well thanks to the lovely Miss Guided they are currently giving their customers 50% of dresses with the codeDress50. So don’t panic. Dresses from casual to chic their is something to suit everyone.

Another trend hitting the streets are these jumper dresses so whether your going clubbing or day-time catch up, these dresses are for the occasion.

Miss Guided have some lovely dresses on these 50% of lines and please note not all dresses are 50%!!


Hit the trend- Puff puff and away with these jackets.

Another day another trend. So the new trend hitting the streets are these puffy jackets.

These puffy jackets are comfortable and well worth the buy. These jackets will do you right through the spring and available to many colours.

The jackets cost between €59.99 BUT New Look are giving you 20% your first purchase if you sign up with them so it’s a win win!

Okay so you might not be a super fan of them so even stick to what you know and invest in a bomber jacket. All the same thing write? Watch this look though on the high street!
Link for new look jacket: article 

  • Heyyyy guys okay so as you now I am a contributor editor for the student site Newsflash I am now recently the new College Life editor so I’m feeling happy as a pig in muck. Anyways I recently wrote an article about making friends in college, I myself included. For me I’m very outgoing and would talk to anyone but college is a new adventure so I off course struggled. Here are my tips for making friends at college.
  • Link:

Hit the trend- Shoe boots/open toe.


NEW TREND ALERT….. Okay so we are currently at the stage in the seasons where we don’t exactly know whether to wear shoes, ugg boots, knee high boots etc. So of course the trend is an open boot. This style can help you rock into style in Spring and summer.

River island is gone massive into this trend and every celeb will be spotted in it. Now you can wear these boots with ripped jeans, a top and a bomber jacket. Thats outfit one. To chnage into a night time look simply wear a dress and rock these boots with it.

These boots can literally go with jeans, dresses and skirts.697841_main

River Island have a great range out there at the moment so we sure to check it out. Also did I mention if you sign up to River Island you get 10 per cent of your next purchase?

Makeup blog of the week- Mark_benefit 

A recent makeup blogger I found was Mark_benefit  (On IG give him a follow PLUS he also does awesome tutorials on benefit products) and on snapchat as well as Mark_benefit. 

He has amazing tricks for makeup and he’s tutorial on brows over on his IG is a must see! I have makeup envy 😮.

Most of the products he uses is Benefit ( it’s in the name!) but they are very good quality procuts he uses. He was on XPOSE a while ago doing makeup tricks as well.

This man can do no wrong! His easy to follow step-by-step guide is great for us makeup guru’s out there.

You won’t look back on this follow over on Instagram. He is super good at his work and is a makeup blog to follow for sure! 

His Snapchat is also very funny and also features some serious fimilar faces to.

Monthly Motivation

This is a quote I certainly live by, whether I’m deciding to try new things,or if I’m worried I’m going to fail at something I just remind myself of this. It’s true we DO miss 100% of the shots/chances we don’t take. 2017 is a year were I’ll be trying something new all the time.

So get up even if you don’t want to, go to the gym or eat that slice of cake (life is to short), go for the drinks with your pals, keep out and about and always say YES!