It’s not a goodbye it’s see you later!

imageAs I sit and write this, and put words into order, I feel blessed. As my first year at college is coming close to the end its time not to say goodbye but to say see you later college.What a year it has been. Packing away everyone that I once brought up nine months ago,wow where did the time go? It’s mad to think that new friends are made and the results I have achieved. As I pack away the last bit of clothing, as I cook one last dish, as I pull over the bed sheets for one last time and shut the door on my way out, it’s  an adventure and something I won’t forget. 1st year may be over but the journey still exist.


New look!


Okay guys and dolls so basically for the next few days I am changing the layout of my blog. A new design will be issued. I haven’t changed my blog since I first started it over Two years ago so it’s time to change things about.

Dont worry I will still have my fashion posts! Although I will be introducing a ‘Steal her style ego’, ‘Five words to shop for’ and ‘Makeup blog of the week’. I am looking forward to expanding my wings with this blog. So stay tuned for more!

Third year that’s a wrap!

My yearly college post is up! Where do I start? Honestly I feel like this year has been over in a flash😭.

Now I suppose I wasn’t back in college until the end of September and then I was mostly out for my surgery (Post coming soon!) so I wasn’t back until November and soon enough it was Christmas holidays. Next thing you know your back on placement and it’s exam mode.

So here is May and third year is completed ✅Here we are writing about finishing up college for another year. Only one more year left and I’m an NQT 👩🏻‍🏫 something emotional always sets me off when I’m writing these posts. It’s like the whole routine of college you’re in this bubble that just pops and it’s back to working and travelling for the Summer.

Blood, sweat and tears is something to some up third year but through it all I got here. College flys by like in September I’m going into MY FINAL YEAR! No more student discounts after that. To think a year or two ago I was still in school to almost finish college.

Reflect, reflect, reflect, thats all what this year consists of. It’s been year third year!

Roll on final year ✅📝

Love, lust, love 💞

So as you can get by the title what the post is about, honestly these last few months I’ve been the realist with myself. I’ve experienced pain, hurt, rejection like everyone does but most importantly I’ve experienced self love the most.

I found social media really toxic so I spent less time chilling on Facebook and more time on me . I’ve booked holidays and read more books.

Some of the above quotes are so inspiring and I hope it inspires others too!

Whatever your struggling with whether it’s exams, heartache, rejection you got this. Day by day nothing has changed but when you look back months later so much has changed and you will realise how far you have come.

Firstly the post is about losing people and wondering if they lost you should you try and hang on. Honestly it’s totally up to once self on that matter.

Secondly life goes on! Whatever happens happens if people don’t make an effort in your life they show them where the door is. Negativity ruins your day. So screw it!

If something is bothering me a quick gym session is on the cards just to escape the madness.

Hit the trend- Oversized sunglasses

Hi Everyone!

Okay so if you are like me and living on the great island of Ireland we are a long way off summer and sun, but here are what’s trending this year.

The bigger the sunglasses the bigger the joys! That’s my motto for this season.

All of these sunglasses are from Miss Guided ( an online shop I LOVEEE).

From rose gold to white shades they have them all and a seeker pun- All these shades and we still can’t block out the haters!!!

Baggy eyes (P.S the bags under your eyes are Chanel!), lazy day whatever it is sunglasses are for the win.

Happy International Women’s day!!

The day that celebrates women’s power and the meaning of women to this world.

Women should always bring each other up inside of down. Empower each other, learn from each other, love one another. These things sometimes get lost in this world of a thing we called ‘society’.

To the women… YOU’RE not defined by the number on the scales or the dress size you wear. YOU’RE not defined by anything. Be and do whatever you want.

Here’s to the women of the world your all doing a great job!!!

Monthly Motivation.

Monthly motivation post is back, sometimes I think maybe the motivation posts need to be a weekly thing. Never the less, here’s a few pick-me-up quotes.

These pass few days have been a whirlwind (blog post to be uploaded soon/sometime in the future), and quotes are something I always look for to get by, as well as my girly chats with the gals.

For me never take life to seriously, and never lose a moment of happiness because life goes by so so quick. It’s also okay to lose ourselves from time to time but always stay focused.

Hit the trend-Tassel earnings.

Trending trending trending!!!!

Apart from the cra cra story of Kylie Jenner and the birth of her baby girl, here is what is happening in the land of trends!

I have dive into this boat and purchased a black pair in penny’s! €3 where could one go wrong.

These earnings can go with anything from a skirt to a jeans and a nice top.

Jacket of the season!

If there is anything your wardrobe needs this season is a jacket! These biker jackets are hitting the rials and are very popular this season. Pippa O’Connor, Rosie Connolly to name but a few who are striking this look.

River island prices are around €80 and above. Penny’s have a much cheaper version at just €28, so whatever price you want to pay is up to ones self. 
The key thing with these jackets is they can be wore with anything and can be woren anywhere. From nights out with the squad to just a shopping trip it’s this season must have!

No this isn’t an AD! This post is to make sure your slaying this Winter.

Directly below is the link to these jackets in River Island.

All the high street shops have them too so don’t be stuck!